The Charities You Support When You Buy

Our first charity fundraiser will probably always be the closest to our hearts and that is the heroic front-line workers of the NHS and Care Home Workers. Over the coming months we will continue to assess where our support is the most needed and will shift our profits accordingly.

As we begin to emerge from lockdown restrictions on July 4th, and the NHS regains its footing, we will begin the shift our support to other charities in crisis.

We are projecting that there will be a growing need for support in the following categories and we will be reaching via our community of supporters for feedback on where our ZaZaBoom profits will be the most beneficial.

1/ The growing homeless population, due to un-forseen job losses

2/ Food Banks for families in need and vulnerable

3/ Mental Health facilities to help the bereaved and those not able to cope with the many uncertainties we face.