Our Lock-Down-Love-Story

We'd like to introduce you to the exciting evolution of our family fundraiser, turned Charity-Driven-Luxury-Brand, called ZaZaBoom. Our mission is to introduce the world to a new and infinitely more meaningful interpretation of luxury.

We believe the greatest of all luxuries is the luxury-of-giving. 

This metaphoric and new philanthropic concept has manifested itself from our families direct experience when attempting to raise £10,000 for the front line workers of the NHS. To entice our friends to donate we innocently offered to make on of our highly unique hand-made face masks for anyone that donated £25.00 to our Just Giving page. To increase our reach we created a social media presence so that we could easily share images and progress with our friends and family. What we did not expect is that we would be shipping our masks all over the world to generous donors that wanted the iconic and joy generating masks. You can read the full story below, but one of the most valuable things that we learned was that if we incentivise people with a cool and desirable product, they will donate without hesitation to attain that product, regardless of the charity. This began the seed of opportunity for ZaZaBoom's charitable new purpose.

We Make to Donate

Coco, Ava and I (mummy) have been burning the midnight oil, channelling my 30 years of experience as a fashion designer and illustrator and absorbing Coco and Ava's boundless energy and whimsical ideas.  This mother-daughter lock down collaboration has resulted in a fresh new lifestyle collection that we hope will appeal to every man, woman and child from 1-99.
All of our products are custom-made-to-order in England, affordable as we keep retails as low as we can with zero overhead, offices, advertising and packaging .  We are now committed to donating 100% of all profits to charities in crisis, post the Covid-19 pandemic. After the 100 days, our plan is to continue developing a streamlined-lean business platform that can purposely remain small,  so that our profits can continue helping charities in need.

Design + Giving + Charity = Luxury

We hope that by incentivising customers with highly unique and identifiable British hand-made products ,at fair prices, that we can create a new outlet of support to charities in crisis.
It is our hope that ZaZaBoom can help to manifest a kinder and more charitable way of shopping and our customers will feel the benefit not only by receiving our cool and coveted products, but also the satisfaction of knowing their purchases go directly to help those in need.

The Little Idea That Nearly Swallowed Us Whole

This is the story of how ZaZaBoom was born on March 11th, 2020;

ZaZaBoom, a creative and philanthropic project which was inspired by our family’s imposed isolation, as well as a gradual realisation that our priorities were sadly out of balance. After some sound thought and examination we were able to boil our key life necessities down to health, family, friendships and the pursuit of our creative and philanthropic passions. We recognised early on that we would need to somehow channel our quarantine time into something that generated some level of joy, as well as a means to help others. Quite a tall order when we are all confined to our homes and unable to reach out and physically assist the vulnerable. Having the hearts, minds and idealism of young children involved did accelerate our desire to do something that would also be meaningful to them, and something to look back on with positivity in these unnatural days. The idea came together in a matter of hours and we decided to access the many fabrics in mum's (Karen Brost) interior textile print archives, which she had been collecting for many years during her time as a fashion designer. A meter here, a scrap there: all the pieces of fabric had a renewed purpose and were lovingly up-cycled to become practical products with personality. All patterns, cutting and sewing is done in the dining room table by mum and 9 year old Coco and 6 year old Ava. Just 1 week from the start, and ZaZaBoom Official was live on all social media channels, as well as a dedicated YouTube channel. Within 4 days the weekly fundraising goal of £1000 was reached... and the first products were quickly snatched up and coveted by the fashion tribe, who wanted the couture face-masks. Going forward, every week ZaZaBoom selects 8 NHS hero’s and sends them a luxury face-mask to lift their spirits, and 8 hand-made masks are also sent to the generous weekly donors on Facebook. As Karen says: “we aim to generate as much joy and creativity as we can in these fearful and uncertain times, by creating new products up-cycling the old, and giving our time some valuable purpose”. 100% of everything make and created gets auctioned during the weekly online fundraising events. All proceeds are then donated to the brave heroes of the NHS, all over the UK.

#spreadthelovenotthevirus #wearamask

Here's one of our very first ZaZaBoom Facebook posts that showcased the different masks we had made so far. The ridiculously good music and editing was done by our wonderful friend and supporter Michael Nunn.

A few of our favourite moments captured during our quest to raise £10,00 for the front line workers of the NHS. Friends + Family+ Heroes + Donors + Supporters

Maggie OBE Hero

Our Hero of the Week-Maggie OBE- Care Worker

Coco and Ava Joining Mummy for a Dapper Sunday Porch Delivery Service

Wonderful Annabel- One of our star volunteer sewers!

Edward, our 16 year old Volunteer Sewer from Kew

One of my countless rides to the post-office to drop ship masks all over the UK, Europe and the US.

Jemma, one of our brave NHS Heroes of the Week. Working in a Covid-19 ICU at St Thomas's Hospital