Jamie Rockers

Each month we shine a spotlight on the extraordinary women who have inspired our beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and the collections we curate around them.


Jamie Rockers ( @beautyrocksblog )


Jamie’s story began over a decade ago, when she graduated from university in Malibu, California and moved to Osaka, Japan to teach English. In Japan, she began to write for online publications covering travel, food and culture. After spending four years in Japan, honing her writing skills and fuelling her love for travel, Jamie moved to Australia, before eventually settling in the UK, where she has spent the last 7 years running Beauty Rocks Blog. Her hugely successful namesake blog (Jamie Rockers really is her name!) is inspired by the beautiful things she has encountered on her travels (she’s been to over 70 countries!) from luxury skincare, to the beauty of nature and gorgeous fashion pieces, all brought to life by her irresistible editorial story-telling and imitable style.

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